Avalotis Corporation is a leading industrial services provider, serving the United States, Central America and the Caribbean for 50 years.


We offer specialized industrial services including surface preparation and abatement, painting protective coatings, specialty coatings and linings, flooring systems, scaffolding and containment, and related services. 

Our extensive portfolio spans power, steel, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chip manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, heavy highways, bridges, sports facilities, and historical preservation markets. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ specifications and expectations, working safely, on schedule, on budget, and to the highest quality standards. That’s a company-wide commitment— managers, supervisors, craft workers and all staff. It’s who we are, and it’s what we bring to every project. 



History of Avalotis Corporation

Established in 1965 by the late George Aivaliotis, Avalotis Corporation focused on industrial and commercial painting. Together with a dedicated crew of painters, engineers, mechanics and administrative staff, Avalotis developed into a large multi-craft industrial services business. 

Today, Avalotis Corporation continues to thrive as a family owned and operated business on industrial jobs throughout the U.S. and remains true to the values set forth by its’ founder: hard work, loyalty and safety driven jobs. Partners and clients have worked with Avalotis for over 50 years and maintaining progressive relationships have always been a priority.

While preserving the element of family, the Avalotis team is strong and ever growing. Upholding a team mentality and providing opportunities for growth allows people at Avalotis mobility in their careers. We believe in lifelong learning as a staple of our work, continuously conducting trainings and implementing new methods for practice in the field. Avalotis is always seeking new members to contribute to our team; if you are interested in joining a forward thinking industrial services company, please apply here!

As a family run business we strive to provide a safe and happy work environment for all team members involved with projects
To ensure we meet or exceed our customer’s specifications, the execution of Avalotis Corporation Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program is the duty of all personnel involved in every coating project. Our consistent, high-quality work is part of our reputation and serves as a strength in acquiring new business. Avalotis will achieve quality while protecting client assets and the public from harm or injury.

Avalotis Corporation Management is committed to supporting our employees in creating a “Zero” Injury, “Zero” Incident, and “Zero” Accident work culture.


The Avalotis Corporation will execute work that satisfies our customer while caring to protect our clients, employees, and the public (property and people) from harm. In order to achieve this we ask all employees; management, supervisory and craft, to personally commit themselves to safety in all work activities.



Avalotis management is dedicated to providing the necessary safety resources to allow our company safety culture to become one where an injury to an employee, a subcontractor, or a member of the public is viewed as a serious failure to provide a quality service. To this end, we will attempt to learn from any non-quality event in order to prevent it from happening again.



Our goal is to complete all industrial painting and coating projects with “Zero Injury” to Avalotis employees, to any sub-contractors we employ, to client personnel and the public at large.
In committing to “Zero Injury,” all employees are asked to view safety as a value in the employee culture of Avalotis Corporation; co-equal with integrity, honesty and our commitment to the quality of our work. With safety as a value, the natural result expected in project execution is zero injury to our employees and zero accidents or incidents involving our tools and equipment.